Deed Restrictions

The following is a summary of the official deed restrictions. You are urged to review the official deed restrictions to familiarize yourself with the details regarding our community.

Article One

  1. Lots to be used for single family dwelling.
  2. Buildings must conform to ordinances and statutes
  3. Private pools and tennis courts OK with proper subsurface drainage.
  4. Certain professional occupations OK by residents only consuming no more than 15% of dwelling.
  5. No exploration of oil, gas or other minerals
  6. No signage other than for sale or rent signs over six feet square in size.
  7. Household pets may be kept but not bred. No livestock or poultry.
  8. Lots must be cut and should not exceed 8”.
  9. No noxious or offensive activity can be carried on. No basketball goals or sports in the streets.
  10. Trucks, trailers, autos or commercial vehicles bearing advertisements may not be stored except when making deliveries. No boats allowed on property unless inside garage or not visible by street. No overnight parking on the street.
  11. A/C condensers and towers should be in the rear yard
  12. Fences shall not be placed between building front and front property line. No bamboo shall be grown. Hedges and shrubbery along side of property shall not exceed 7 feet in height.
  13. One story homes should have ground floor minimum square footage is 2100 SF excluding garage.
  14. Two story homes should have minimum total SQ of 2300 SF.
  15. No home over 35 feet in height.
  16. Exterior construction shall be brick, stucco. Quality, design and color must be approved by Architectural Review committee.
  17. Build no closer than 20 feet to the front lot line, 10 feet to any side street line, 5 feet to rear lot line, and 5 feet to an interior side lot line.
  18. No clothes lines permitted.
  19. Lots may be split or combined but not exceed 8,000 SF. All restrictions apply.
  20. Dwellings must have a detached or attached two car garage or two car carport.
  21. No building, fence or structure placed, erected or altered until approved by Architectural Review Committee.
  22. Defines the Architectural Review Committee and its handling of plans.
  23. Allows for enforcement of these restrictions.
  24. Outlines details of notices.
  25. Says these restrictions are binding on every owner of every lot.
  26. Restrictions can’t be invalidated.

Article Two

Article Two contains the same restrictions as Article One with additional restrictions for Lots 12 through 23, 41, 42, 43, 62 and 63 and are equally binding.

  1. One story homes should have ground floor minimum square footage is 2600 SF excluding garage.
  2. Two story homes should have minimum total SQ of 2300 SF.
  3. Establish minimum roof pitch. Certain other types of roofs prohibited.
  4. Defines correct roofing materials.
  5. Establishes minimum floor to ceiling height.
  6. For lots 13 through 23, states that dwelling should not come any closer than 20 feet from the rear lot line. Also states that all fencing up to 20 feet from the rear lot line be compatible with existing wrought iron fence.
  7. Establishes a 10 foot servitude for maintenance and care of golf course fencing.